Hi. We're Sam and Georgia.

In February 2016, we left our jobs in New Zealand and set off on a two year trip through South America. Volunteering our way along, we lived in everything from tents to half-built hotels, hostels to hammocks, apartments to earthships, and the occasional mattress on the floor. 

Through rain, sun, snow, wind and hail we learned to make the most of the few possessions we carried with us, and realized that we don't need a big house full of things to be happy. We followed the tiny house movement with interest as it spread across the globe, and resolved that we'd join it ourselves when we returned.

Now, we're back home and homeless, but not for long!

This site will document our adventures (and misadventures) as we bring our dream to life, from sketchup scribbles to movable mini-mansion. 

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All photos on this site were taken by us, please do not use without permission.