Why Tiny?


When we tell someone we’re building a Tiny House, the typical response (after the raised eyebrow) is:

“Cool. Uh... Why?”

We sometimes struggle to answer this question, because the truth is there’s no one reason. There’s many!

Tiny Houses are nothing new, they’ve been flooding the internet with filtered pictures and carefree hashtags for some time now. But beyond the mere aesthetics, there are many factors that might cause people like us to pick up a hammer and start swinging. We thought we'd spend our first blog post expanding on the ones that resonate most with us.






Once a word reserved for post-WWII western art, Minimalism has taken on a new meaning for the new century.

 It’s now a synonym for simple living; the idea that often the things we own end up owning us, and perhaps we’re better off with fewer of them.

After living out of backpacks for almost two years, and not experiencing any loss of life satisfaction, this philosophy has begun to resonate strongly with us.

Tiny Houses can be viewed as a way to “lock in” a minimalist lifestyle, to force yourself to keep your possessions down to the bare necessities, and the things that really bring you joy.






The housing crisis in New Zealand, and in many cities worldwide is no secret. Home ownership levels are the lowest they’ve been since the 1940’s. Young people are now “Generation Rent” in a country where tenants have few rights and little security. Even if you can buy a house, you’ll be paying it off for much of your adult life, forcing you to work long hours at a job you may not enjoy just to make ends meet.

Tiny housing seems to offer a way out.

With a cost to build of under 50K, generation rent can short-circuit the system and own a house in a matter of months. With bills reduced to the minuscule cost of powering such a small space, this sized loan could be paid off relatively quickly, even on minimum wage.

This financial freedom leaves you able to take risks, study, or pursue a change in career direction without the constant threat of defaulting your mortgage.




sustainability main page image.jpg


Heating and lighting a large house can be incredibly inefficient and costly. Even leaving aside common tiny add-ons like high-R insulation and solar panels, the vastly reduced amount of land and material required to build a tiny house means that there’s really no competition.

If you’re interested in living sustainably, go tiny!






Often, putting a tiny house on wheels is just cited as a way to skirt the building code. Not so, we say!

Firstly, the building code is too valuable to simply ignore, and while we may not be physically able to follow everything in it to the letter, we think that it’s worthwhile adhering to it wherever we can.

Secondly, once your home is on wheels, the world becomes your backyard! While we don’t intend to move our house frequently, it is certainly nice to know that we can move it almost anywhere we like, should we choose.


For the Fun of it!


Being honest here, this one is probably the main driver. Simply put, the idea of building something unique, functional and (hopefully!) beautiful together, from scratch, is really exciting to us.

So let the fun begin!


Us at the Tiny House Jamboree USA 2017!

Us at the Tiny House Jamboree USA 2017!

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